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Top 5 Smart TVs For Your Living Room

Today, home entertainment has changed greatly thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, You Tube Red and more. Smart TVs have brought the power of the internet to the TV and now family and friends can browse the web, get real time news updates and even watch their favorite TV programs, all from the comfort of the sofa.
In order to ensure that you have the right smart TV for your home, below are top 5 smart TVs you need to know about.

Top 5 Smart TVs

Samsung HU8550

top 5 smart tvstop 5 smart tvs

This is an ultra HDTV that comes with several premium features .Its bezel is made of a thin strip of brushed black metal which is graced by an even thinner strip of brushed silver metal located on the outside border of the TV. It has a non swiveling stand which provides stability to the TV as well as making it to be attractive to boot.

The TV has a display of 65 inches, comes with a standard wand-style remote control and Samsung’s curvy motion style remote which is not back-lit. The remote combines a Wii style motion control and packs a quad core processor. It comes installed with 4K streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video.


  • Is able to support 4K streaming video
  • Has different streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube with an option of adding more.
  • Has a remote with back-lit technology
  • Has great black levels


  • Has a reflective screen
  • It loses clarity and contrast off-axis
  • Has some edge-light bleed.

You can buy the Samsung HU8550 – Smart TV heretop 5 smart tvs.

LG 55EC9300

top 5 smart tvstop 5 smart tvs

As one of the top smart TV, It is not the first OLED TV from LG. The most amazing thing about this smart TV is not only the OLED technology or its price but it comes fully assembled. The borders of the TV are thinner than those of an iPhone making it among one of the top 5 smart TVs in the market today. It weighs just 31.7 pounds with no stand and 36.1 pounds with a stand.
It is fitted with a total of 4 HDMI ports, three USB ports, an optical digital audio output, LAN port, built-in WI-Fi adapter, and RS-232 control port. It comes with a Magic Motion remote, class leading web-OS interface, no camera and supported streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu and YouTube among others.


  • Can play 1080pHD videos clearly
  • Has superb black levels and contrast
  • Excellent shadow detail
  • Excellent web-OS smart TV platform


  • It has distracting motion issues
  • Maybe a little price for users.

You can buy the LG 55EC9300 – Smart TV heretop 5 smart tvs.

Sony XBR-65X900B

top 5 smart tvstop 5 smart tvs

It has display size of 65 inches which is perfect for watching movies and TV shows in HD. As one of the top smart TVs, it has a bevel design that gives it a futuristic look. Standing tall as one of the top smart TVs in the market, it comes with two pairs of active 3D glasses which are not rechargeable, a bluetooth touchpad remote, a standard IR wand style remote, table top stand, port replicator, IR blaster and power cable among others.
It is fitted with a small camera that’s placed on the upper left corner and its perfect for use with apps like Skype. The screen has a 4K Ultra HD resolution, local dimming for the edge mounted LED back-lights, Sony’s latest smart TV interface and several apps for streaming. Other notable features include side speakers, built in WI-Fi and Ethernet.


  • Provides best in class picture
  • Has excellent black levels
  • Provides rich and vivid colors


  • The built-in speakers create a polarizing look
  • The stand legs do not feel stable
  • It’s quite pricey

You can buy the Sony XBR-65X900B – Smart TV heretop 5 smart tvs.

Vizio M702i-B3

top 5 smart tvstop 5 smart tvs

As one of the top 5 smart TVs, the Vizio TV has a display size of 70 inches with a full array of LED backlight that helps to distribute LED light behind the entire screen therefore delivering superior light uniformity and picture performance. It has 36 active LED zones which adjust dynamically per zone therefore creating deeper, pure black levels and higher contrast.
It has a clear action 720 which helps to enhance motion clarity with 240 Hz effective refresh rate and powerful image processing for stunning sharp detail especially when watching sports and fast action scenes. It comes with a full array of internet apps therefore allowing you to enjoy the latest hit movies, TV shows and premium apps for the big screen.
It comes with a smart back-lit remote control and at the back of the remote, a full QWERTY keyboard to help you type, search and locate your favorite content even faster.


  • Smart back-lit remote control with full QWERTY keyboard
  • Full array LED
  • Active Pixel tuning
  • Built-in ultrafast WI-Fi


  • Lags when one is navigating the menus with the remote control
  • Has subpar sound quality.

You can buy the Vizio M702i-B3 – Smart TV heretop 5 smart tvs.

Panasonic AS520

top 5 smart tvstop 5 smart tvs

This is one of the top smart TVs that comes with a variety of apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. The remote control comes with a Netflix button that allows you to access content faster. As one of the top 5 smart TVs, it has an attractive bezel and a slim design. The picture quality is top notch with pulsating display. The smart TV comes with several ports such as three HDMI ports, USB ports, component ports and composite connections for older devices. The TV has great refresh rates therefore ensuring clarity when watching movies and TV shows.


  • Has several ports for better connectivity
  • Has a fantastic design
  • Offers quality pictures and videos


  • Has fewer HDMI ports than other top 5 smart TVs

You can buy the Panasonic AS520 – Smart TV heretop 5 smart tvs.

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