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ScarJo Kicks Ass…..Again!

ScarJo, part of the Marvel Universe

When it comes to sheer ass-kicking female lead roles, Scarlett Johansson appears to have cornered that market. From her amazing 2014 performance in “Lucy” to her many performances as the deadly Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow in 2010 in “Iron Man 2”, in 2012 in “The Avengers”, in 2014 in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, in 2015 in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, and now in the new release, “Captain America: Civil War”.

Natasha Romanoff ScarJo

Scarlett Johanson: the ass-kicker

Not since Sigourney Weaver’s character in the “Aliens” series, has a gorgeous woman kicked so much onscreen testosterone-toting ass. Her career started at the age of nine when ScarJo played John Ritter’s daughter in “North back in 1994. She appeared in numerous films as a young girl and then, in 2003 she was the proud recipient of a Best Actress in a Leading Role BAFTA Award for “Lost in Translation”.

Scarlett Johansson North Movie

And the sexiest woman alive is…

As a Hollywood sex symbol in her own right, Esquire named her “Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2006 and then again in 2013, making her the only woman that they ever chose twice for that particular title. And, Playboy named her “Sexiest Celebrity” in 2007. ScarJo played numerous sexy roles during her illustrious career, as well as some comedic, romantic and even some voiceover roles in animated films like “The Jungle Book”.

Scarlett Johansson Sexiest Woman Alive 2006

Lucy starring ScarJo

But, it was not until Luc Besson’s Sci-Fi-action movie “Lucy” in 2014, did ScarJo become a female cinematic ass-kicking heroine. A Korean crime ring lead by a sadistic bad guy uses Lucy as a reluctant drug mule to transport a new mind-expanding drug called CPh4. This substance is said to be active in very small amounts in pregnant women and is responsible for the formation of the baby’s bones. But, she becomes a powerhouse of psychokinetic abilities when the drug leaks into her system in a massive quantity, and goes to Morgan Freeman for a consultation. Freeman plays a neuroscientist who explains via voiceover about how we use our brains, starting with normal at 10% and inching up to 100%, which is where Lucy ends up due to the effects of the drug.

Needless to say, ScarJo kills every bad guy in sight and the film offers non-stop action from start to finish. And, when her mental powers are at their peak, the special effects that illustrate her higher mentality are truly spectacular. If you haven’t seen “Lucy” yet, you really should.

Scarlett Johansson Lucy

Natasha Romanov the Black Widow

And now, more recently, as Natasha Romanova aka Black Widow, Johansson plays a young woman who was trained at the well-known Red Room Academy of the KGB and became an expert assassin, athlete and spy. She actually started out as an Avenger enemy. However, later she breaks free of the grasp of the Russians and becomes an Avenger ally and one of the top agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. In all five films, she kicks ass and takes names, so for a really wild ride, you just have to see them all.

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  1. Dale

    Hey, Sirio
    You did an excellent job depicting Scarlett Johansson’s’ role in the movie Lucy. I received this movie as a Christmas gift this past year, and I liked it very much. So far I have enjoyed all of the Marvel Films as well. Scarlett is turning into one of my favorite female action stars.

  2. Mark


    I was all in on “Lucy” when I first saw the trailers; unfortunately I never saw the movie… man you just got me pumped up all over again with your article. And yes, I loved Scarjo in Captain America & Ironman movies and was far from ever being disappointed. I’m really looking forward to the new Captain America Movie and watching Your girl Scarjo kick some major but!! I couldn’t have picked a better female action star to acknowledge than Scarlett Johansson. And had no idea that she started her acting career at the young age of 9 years old. Would you happen to have any insider secrets on upcoming releases that starring Scarjo? If so, are we talking all action or maybe we’ll see a more sensitive side of her in the near future. Either way… I’m still an avid fan of her work and will continue to support her no matter what the role.

    Great article!

    • Sirio Sperandio

      Scarlett Johansson will starr in to upcoming movies. “Rock that Body” (2016) and “Ghost in the Shell” (2017). Hope you’ll enjoy the movie Lucy!

  3. Dave

    She’s a brilliant actress, and just awesome in Captain America Civil War. It’s a shame she hasn’t been given her own film, and it seems she probably never will. I guess she will just remain one of those support players forever! On that note, I can’t actually think of any female leads in a Marvel film yet? Maybe they should work on that…

  4. Jeff

    I love Scarlett Johansen! Very informative read and glad that I made my way through the whole post. I had no idea she won the sexiest woman alive award in 2 separate years, and 7 years apart. I guess i’m not the only one who thinks she’s great! Your site has so much useful information for the movie buff in all of us!

  5. HipStar

    That’s a great film list! Wasn’t she also in the Resident Evil series, or am I confusing Scarlett Johansson with Mila Jokovich?

    I am actually trying to get my film backstories in order for the upcoming Marvel Civil War arc, and really keen to get my hands on the previous tie – in movies. Can you recommend somewhere I can find them all?

    • Sirio Sperandio

      Hi there, thanks for the comment. Yeah, you are confusing Scarlett Johansson with Mila Jokovich.

      About the marvel movies: I will publish an article about that soon!

  6. Zach

    Very good read. I have always been impressed with her intimidating roles. She is so beautiful, yet I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side in the roles she portrays. I think that she has nailed the skill of acting. I always enjoy seeing her in her new movies. It is also neat how she changes for each character. She never looks the same from movie to movie.

    • Sirio Sperandio

      Hey Zach, I agree with you! Interesting aspect, that she changes for each character… Now that you said it I noticed it too.

  7. jCamden

    It’s been incredible watching Scarlett Johansson’s rise in fame, acting ability, and so much more. She’s very deserving of every title she’s ever received. The first movie I saw her in was Home Alone and it’s hard to believe the teenage girl from that show is the woman we all know and recognize today!

    • Sirio Sperandio

      So true! It’s incredible to see how some people rise in fame and it’s even more beautifull if they deserve it.

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