Outlander Movie Review

The movie Outlander is placed during the reign of the Vikings. Don’t expect a historical film because Outlander is a Science Fiction movie where a man from a far far world crashes on earth and unfortunately with him an alien monster called Moorwen. The only way to survive this predator is to work together: The Outlander Kainan and the Viking’s against an alien predator…

“If you truly believe that you write the tale of your life, then the end is up to you.” – Freya

Outlander Movie Peak

It all begins with a spaceship landing in a lake in the ancient Norway populated by the Vikings. The spaceship doesn’t bring good for the Viking’s… Instead two bitter enemies: a soldier from a far away world and an alien creature known as the Moorwen, both here to seek revenge… but soon Kainan is captured by the Vikings and is held prisoner. The monster Moorwen hunts down the Viking lands killing everything and everyone. In the mean time Kainan tries to form an alliance with the Vikings… And there is also a war brewing between two Viking tribes. Sounds like a big war for survival…

Outlander Movie Trailer


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