NVIDIA Shield TV Box Review

Is the NVIDIA Shield TV Box the Best Android Streaming Box You Can Get?

We’ll come right out and say it, we like the design behind the Nvidia Shield. It’s sleek, lightweight and angular. There’s a few nifty status lights, lots of ports to plug all of your devices into (including a Gigabit Ethernet Port, an HDMI 2.0 slot that supports even 4K resolutions (up to 60 fps) and USB and micro USB/SD slots.

There’s two different types of Nvidia Shield boxes. One’s cheaper (check the price here) but it only comes with 16 GB of free space (which is fine if you don’t hold on to your media, or store large game files). The other model is more expensive (check the price here) but it comes complete with 500 GB of storage space.

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In this Nvidia Shield Review, we’ll highlight several of our favorite features of this device, as well as some of the things that we think that they could do better. Hopefully by the end of this review, you’ll know whether this nifty piece of technology is for you.

The Shield’s Chipset is Pretty Powerful

First off, the Nvidia Shield is initially impressive because it’s got an amazing chipset (the Tegra X1) that works with a processor powered by a 256-core Maxwell GPU. It’s about twice as fast as the last Nvidia gaming chip, which means that it’s got plenty of power when it comes to playing games, videos, and all of your favorite applications.

Controlling the Nvidia Shield

The controller leaves a little to be desired. It’s kind of flimsy and lightweight and doesn’t have many buttons. It does have a microphone however, and the buttons click when you press them. Another great feature is the touch-sensitive strip that goes down the middle of the remote to control the volume of your device with a single movement, rather than fumbling with buttons. Unfortunately, it costs an extra $50.

What does come with the system is a controller, and this controller can be used to change channels, enter apps and browse your system (like a more intuitive x-box controller). All things considered, it’s a pretty traditional controller with a volume control on the bottom- not great, but pretty good.

The Meat and Potatoes: Nvidia’s Software

While the Nvidia looks great on the outside, the software that it’s working with isn’t exactly revolutionary. Like any internal software, it has flaws, but it does provide your media, apps, settings and games in an easy to use format. Unfortunately, the predictive features of the Android TV app are underwhelming because it hasn’t been completely developed.

How the Nvidia Shield Performs: Graphics and Gaming Resolutions

Everyone that’s hyped about the Nvidia understands that it’s more than just a streaming device (even though the streaming services are pretty good). While the amount of content out there is kind of limited, the Nvidia shield is great with 4K resolution, giving users a fulfilling experience when they’re watching TV with their families, or YouTube videos with their friends.

Gaming with the Nvidia Shield Box

The Nvidia is a pretty powerful gaming machine. You get lots of fun apps on the Play Store that are great with you controller as well as huge recycled titles (like Metal Gear Rising or Crysis 3). The high ended model even comes with Borderlands, showing just how much capacity the device really has.

In this Nvidia Shield review, we learned exactly why the Nvidia is a powerful multifaceted “streaming box”. You’ll quickly learn that it can do all the things you want it to do (like play Netflix, Hulu or Android TV), play games, and organize your data. There are lots of features to choose from too, allowing you to completely customize your experience.

Buy the Nvidia Shield TV Box now or check out the official site!

6 Replies to “NVIDIA Shield TV Box Review”

  1. Kevin

    Great review, very informative. I didn’t even know about the Nvidia shield existed until now. Sounds like a really useful device to have. Bummer about the controller though, I was wondering can I just hook up a regular xbox controller and have it work with the shield or does it only work with the Nvidia shield controller?

  2. Jillian

    I don’t have the NVIDIA but after reading your website I am interested in this device. I like the fact that Netflix and hulu can be streamed thru this device and all of the other features you mentioned. My daughter is a gamer so I know she would love the NVIDIA.

    • Sirio Sperandio

      I came across the Nvidia Shield Box when I was searching for informations about the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Google Chromecast… Just for watching netflix the sticks are more than good enough, but for gamers this is sure the better choice!

  3. Fabian

    this is a great article! I was searching for some information about the NVIDIA Shield, because I have the problem that my internet connection is very slow. So my goal is to download it on my tablet and then stream it to the tv. In addition I like gaming so this tv box seems better for me than the “chrome tv stick” or the one from amazon. Thank you for your help!

    • Sirio Sperandio

      That’s true, with the sticks you need a good internet connection because you stream directly! With the Nvidia Shield box you even have some storage where how you say you can download things. If you like gaming than this is sure the right choice. This is really an interesting device. Thanks for your comment 😉

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