Men of the 88th Oscars

George Clooney missing

It goes without saying that Leonardo DiCaprio was the BMOS (Big Man OnStage) of the night. And, who was he wearing, you might ask? Well, Armani, of course, and he looked simply marvelous. Nobody sports a designer tux like Leo, well except maybe for George Clooney, but he wasn’t nominated for anything this year. He has, however, been nominated eight times and is the only individual to ever receive nominations in six separate categories. He won an Oscar twice, once in 2005 for Best Supporting Actor in Syriana and once in 2012 for co-producing Argo. And, we’re all hoping to see George on the Oscar stage next year.

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars 2016 Armani

Leos moving speech

Back to Leo. Not only did he look great, but he was also quite eloquent with his moving speech supporting our planet’s ongoing need for environmental responsibility on everyone’s part. Some people wonder, however, if he practices what he preaches, based upon the number of times he flies per year and the number of big homes he has, all of which use a great deal of energy every single day. But, all of that aside, we do applaud him for trying to spread that important message, as well as for his incredible acting talent.

The othe men of the 88th Oscars

Several other men in film arrived on the red carpet looking quite dapper as well, like Matt Damon who was wearing Versace. His charismatic performance in “The Martian” unfortunately didn’t win him the Oscar. In fact, Matt has never won a Best Actor Academy Award yet in spite of several nominations. He did, however, share a 1997 Oscar for Best Original Screenplay with his buddy, Ben Affleck, for “Good Will Hunting”.

Matt Damon The Martian

Best Picture award goes to…

And as far as the film itself goes, although winning a Best Picture award at the Golden Globes in the rather strange drama/comedy split category, “The Martian” lost out to “Spotlight” for Best Picture at the 88th Annual Oscars. Although, Matt spent the majority of the film speaking to the camera, his performance was spot-on and the film was excellent. But then again, “Spotlight” is after all a true story and a film with a powerful message, and Academy members love message films. This one portrayed much the same message as the 1976 classic “All the President’s Men” with that all-time great duo of Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman. And, that message is that no matter how high up in politics and religion a major cover-up goes, some smart nosey reporter will surely uncover and expose it.

Spotlight Oscars 2016

Best Actor nominees

While we’re on the subject of best actors, let’s not forget the other Best Actor nominees, which included Bryan Cranston for “Trumbo”, Eddie Redmayne for “The Danish Girl”, and Michael Fassbender for “Steve Jobs”. All gave spectacular performances, but especially Eddie Redmayne in a very complex part that involved a transgender identity crisis much like that of the highly publicized true life saga of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.

oscars 2016 Best Actor nominees

Best Supporting Actor nominees

In the Best Supporting Actor category, ie Actor in a Supporting Role, Mark Rylance won for “Bridge of Spies”. This is another Best Picture nominated film about the Cold War and an insurance lawyer from New York named James Donovan, who the CIA enlisted in 1957 to defend an accused Russian spy named Rudolf Abel, adeptly played by Rylance. Donovan then ends up negotiating a tricky prisoner exchange with the Russians where Abel is traded for Francis Gary Powers, an American Air Force pilot who had been recently captured by the Russians. It’s a spy thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Best Supporting Actor Academy Awards 2016

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