LG PF80G Projector Review

Are you searching for a great projector for use in your office or home cinema? If so, you might like to consider the LG PF80G projector. This projector has a number of great features and is also reasonably priced, as well as being portable and easy to use.

This projector is made by LG who are expert in electronic technology. The company are based in South Korea and are most well known for making LCD TV’s. However they have recently diversified into other electronics, and started to make projectors in 2010. LG now have a wide range of projector available. This article will discuss the main features of the LG PF80G Projector, and will also look at the pros and cons. Allowing you to make an informed decision about whether this is the right projector for you.

LG PF80G Full HD LED Projector

Main Features

The LG9F80G is an LED Projector which is the very first of its kind. It is the only Full HD LED projector which is portable. It uses up to date and modern technologies; is powered by WiDi and Miracast. This allows user to access wireless video and audio streaming.

There is also a built in file viewer which allows user to directly access and playback previously stored office and multimedia files from a USB device. The advanced LED technology makes this projector very lightweight and easy to use. It is economical to run and can be transported easily.
This projector produces an excellent image which is due to the high contrast ratio used. With a contrast of 15,000:1 you won’t find a better quality image. It is suitable for both Blu-ray and DVD movies and is also compatible with game console.

All LG LED projectors are hard wearing and have a great life span. It is estimated that up to 30,000 hours of footage can be viewed. This projector is very fast and easy to use, it can be turned on or off in just 10 seconds.

LG supplies everything you need to get your projector up and running in one easy to use pack. The pack contains the LG 9F80G Projector Unit along with operating instructions. Cables are also included, there’s a power cable along with AV cable and RGB to component cable. The set also includes an IR remote control.


• LG have made this projector very light weight and compact. This is perfect if you need a projector which is portable. It also has a very modern and minimalistic look
• The projector produces a very clear picture with great sound; perfect for bringing the cinema experience straight to your home
• Photos can also be viewed on this projector, making it great for viewing holiday snaps
• Excellent Connectivity
• Equipped with 2 x HDMI


• This projector is a bit more expensive than other similar models available on the market


Overall the LG projector provides a great entertainment experience; it will help to bring the whole family together. Whether you are watching the big game, videos from a family holiday or your favorite movies the LG projector is a great investment.

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