LG 55LF5809 TV

LG 55LF5809 TV Review

There are a lot of different varieties of LCD, Plasma and OLED TV screens out there, but it’s hard to pick the best one. You want to get a good rate on the model that you’re buying, but you also want a quality image that’s equally useful in both bright and dark rooms. You want a screen with plenty of resolution for its size. You want a striking, visually impressive TV with a great design that delivers impressive sound and video quality like the LG 55LF5809.

The LG 55LF5809 TV is not perfect, but…

While this model isn’t “perfect” (some say that the color accuracy and video processing don’t match the highest priced models), it does give customers a great quality OLED TV for the lowest price on the market so far.

The LG 55LF5809 model comes with a lot of excellent features:

  • Screen Share
  • Content Share
  • Magic Remote
  • Timers and Automatic Shut-Off Features
  • Very High Image Quality
  • Robust, Full Sound Quality
  • Lowest Possible Sound Consumption of Smart TV Models
  • Unfortunately, this model doesn’t support 3D picture

Great 2D Picture Quality and Sound Despite The Flat, Ergonomic Design

The LG company installed average IPS panels in this lower priced smart TV, the display on the Full HDMI display is resounding. Content is reproduced nearly flawlessly, while providing near perfect imagery for movies, games, and picture display. This is where the first hiccup in the software is seen- fine structures and moving edges can be blurred. Reporters have suggested that the upgraded features are available on far more expensive 3D models.

LG 55LF5809 TV biggest highlights

LG 55LF5809 TV Review

One of the biggest highlights of this model are the impressive 10-watt speakers that supply enough rich, high quality sound to fill your rooms many times over. You’d never notice that the picture and sound are actually energy efficient. During operation, this 55″ model only consumes around .2 watts per hour, making it a class A+ energy efficient appliance in Europe.

Plenty of Equipment for Compatibility and Networking

You’ll be very happy with what your SmartTV can do for you. You can watch all of your favorite online streaming applications (including Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu) and even look up information on a customized browser with an integrated flash player on board.

You’ll have plenty of options to choose from when you’re picking your output with three HDMI ports, a composite port (for cable), a component input, and even three USB pots. This means that theLG 55LF5809 gives you everything you need in one easy to use location that makes sure you’re enjoying what you’re watching without straining your eyes.

Eliminates Blurred Video, Keeping Your Images Sharp

Televisions go out of style quickly, and it’s not long before your television won’t be able to keep up with the graphics that you want, especially if it’s outdated. LG televisions are designed to last with THX certification. What this means is that the OLED pixels used can always deliver deep blacks, impeccable color, and precision detailed images. You won’t miss a beat when you connect with your smart devices and your television, seamlessly navigating from your smart remote to your phone no matter what you’re doing.

You won’t feel bad purchasing this high quality LG television, but you should do your research on the potential offerings and features that your new HDTV will provide. You’re sure to find exactly what you want at a price you can afford (which is important when you’re getting a new piece of equipment) meeting owners in the middle to provide a cheaper route for immersive television.

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