leonardo dicaprio latest movies the wolf of wall street

Leonardo DiCaprio Latest Movies

Leonardo DiCaprio Latest Movies, at least 3 of them

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently one of the best-known and most-loved American motion picture actors alive, and for good reason, too. His talent has won him three Golden Globes now and he seems to be heading for his first Oscar for his starring role in “The Revenant”.

“The Revenant”

leonardo dicaprio latest movies the revenant

In this the latest of the Leonardo DiCaprio movies, Leo plays a 19th century mountain man who survives a bear attack only to be beaten and robbed by his own crew. He makes it his mission in life to track down the robbers and get revenge. It’s a film that is expansive and truly amazing in its cinematography, as well as the obvious sheer difficulty of filming it. This one really put the entire cast and crew through their paces and they came out the other side showing what great filmmakers they all can be.

Immediately after winning several Golden Globes, including best director and best dramatic actor in a film for Leo, “The Revenant” received just about every possible Oscar nomination, even down to makeup and wardrobe. It’s definitely the front-runner for best picture and Leo will probably win a Critics Choice Award, as well.Even though “The Revenant” is his most recent movie and the one that is sure to finally garner him that elusive Academy Award, he has a string of hit movies in previous years, as well, so here are just a few Leonardo DiCaprio latest movies.

“The Wolf of Wall Street”

leonardo dicaprio latest movies the wolf of wall street

Going back, one of our faves of Leonardo DiDaprio’s latest movies is the 2013 blockbuster, “The Wolf of Wall Street”. In it, Leo shows just how funny he can be in addition to his well-known dramatic acting talents.It marks the fifth time that he collaborated with the master of all directors, Martin Scorsese. The film is the true story of Jordan Belfort, who wrote the book of the same name, about his Wall Street stockbroker career and the widespread fraud and corruption that led to the eventual end of that career. Leo plays Belfort and Matthew McConaughey co-stars as an FBI agent trying to bring down the fast-talking, high-rolling stockbroker. In addition, the always-funny Jonah Hill plays Belfort’s best friend and business partner.

There was a flurry of controversy when “Wolf” was first released on Christmas Day in 2013, based upon some profanity, explicit sexual content, drug use, and the moral ambiguity of the events depicted. All in all, however, the film grossed in excess of $392 million in worldwide release and became Martin Scorsese’s highest grosser ever. In addition, it was the all-around 17th highest-grosser that year. “Wolf” also received numerous Oscar nominations at the 86th Academy Awards ceremony, as well, including Best Actor for Leo, Best Supporting Actor for Jonah Hill, Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Writing. Unfortunately, none of them were Oscar winners that year.

“The Great Gatsby”

leonardo dicaprio latest movies the great getsby

Also released in 2013 was “The Great Gatsby”, which of course was based upon the 1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Leo plays Jay Gatsby and his supporting cast includes Carey Mulligan and “Spiderman’s” Tobey Maguire. It takes place in the Roaring Twenties and was filmed in Australia. The film won two Oscars, one for Best Costume Design and the other for Best Production Design. Reviews were mixed and some critics, who praised the acting, were critical of other aspects of the film. But, audiences loved it for the most part and it made $351 million worldwide.

“J. Edgar”In this 2011 drama that was co-produced directed and scored by Clint Eastwood, Leo plays the title roll. Armie Hammer, Judi Densch, Josh Lucas, Dermott Mulroney, Zach Grenier, and Naomi Watts co-starred. Both Leo and Armie Hammer were nominated for Oscars for this one, although neither won. It follows the life and exploits of the FBI director during the later years, including his homosexuality and attempted blackmail of Martin Luther King Jr. In the film, Leo portrays J. Edgar with an excellence and style that only he could pull off. Critically, it received mixed reviews, however at the box office, “J. Edgar” grossed $84 million worldwide; on the low end of Leonard DiCaprio’s latest movies, but still respectable.

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  1. Owain

    He certainly does show up in a lot of movies, and all of them in great roles. He is a true Hollywood legend and he’s still making films, and many many years to come. I do feel though that maybe he should try different genres, like Mark Wahlberg. He will do one comedy followed by a serious move and back again. Maybe Leo should do that, maybe even try a comedy role.

    • Sirio Sperandio

      I love Leonardo DiCaprio Movies… Well yeah, that’s true that he kinda sticks to the same genre. I think he wants to hold his reputation and honestly I don’t know how a comedy movie starring Leo would be… Could be great 😀

      Anyways great actor!

  2. Silole2

    Tbh, I have been slacking on watching Leo’s movies. I think it’s because I have buried myself in work way too much. I have seen the preview of the ‘Revenant’ severally and promised myself I’ll watch it . Your post just haunted me! So now I have to watch it over the weekend.
    I think Leo has so much class in everything he does and he’s so captivating….not forgetting the looks lol.
    Thank you for the wonderful review! Now my Friday night is all set!

    • Sirio Sperandio

      I love movies with Leonardo DiCaprio… I don’t know, but if he’s in a movie I know it has certain quality!

      Well that’s why I created this site, I want to share the passion with movies with you guys.

      Let me know if you liked the movie 😉

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