how to stream from pc to tv

How To Stream from PC to TV

Stream from your device to your TV without any cable

There are several possibilities to stream different devices like your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your TV. But which one is the best? Well there are some questions you have to ask yourself first. For example how often will you use it? How much money do you want to spent? But now let’s get to some possibilities.

I picked for this post two possibilities: First one is the Google Chromecast Stick, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

How To Stream from PC to TV

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is sure one of the cheapest possibilities to stream your devices with the price of only $35. It’s a really small device in confront with others. All you have to do to start streaming is to plug it in the HDMI input of your TV and supply the Stick with power by USB. Google Chromecast works without a remote, you control it directly with for example your smartphone.

Watch the official Google Chromecast Video:

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TVThe Amazon Fire TV Stick works the same as the Google Chromecast Stick. You plug it in the HDMI Input of your TV and supply it with power by USB. The big difference here, it has a remote and a TV interface which you don’t have with Google Chromecast and it costs only $39, so not that big of a difference. The Amazon Fire TV Stick gives you many possibilities how/what to watch (Netflix etc.) but is very focused on Amazon, well no surprise.

So let’s sum up. Now you have to make a choice. If you don’t need necessarily a remote control or you don’t want one then Google Chromecast is the right choice for you. I don’t think the $4 are an argument to buy the Google Chromecast stick. I personally would by the Amazon Fire TV Stick because of the remote control and the TV interface. If that’s what you want, you are maybe already an Amazon Prime Member and you watch already on Amazon Instant Video it’s sure the best choice you can make because of the many benefits you’ll have.

I just wanted to say that there are many other possibilities too to stream your devices but this are sure the two cheapest once. If you want to look for something different you should search for a streaming box!

I hope I could help you and if you already know what to buy, here are the direct links:
Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player
Amazon Fire TV Stick

I hope you know how to stream from pc to tv. If you need any details just leave a reply!

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