Google Nexus Player 2016 Review

Are you a lover of good music and quality media? Streaming music, videos and other media have been made more exciting and fun, especially for the younger generation and those who love quality media. Using the Google Nexus Player, you can stay in the comfort of your house and enjoy beautiful sounds coming from the media streaming box. You no longer need to go to the club or a friend’s house to enjoy videos, all you need to do is to stream your desired file online and watch it wherever you are through the google nexus player.

Google Nexus Player 2016 Review

Google Nexus Player Pros & Cons


The Google Nexus Player android TV streaming box has a conversational voice search that works very well from the remote control. You can speak your command into it.


It does not feature an Ethernet connection so connectivity is sparse and it has only 8GB storage space which majority of people consider too small. A quality video with HD pictures and clear sound could be as huge as 1Gig, therefore if more files are added to the nexus player, this is when the inefficiency of the storage is seen.

More about Google Nexus Player

The Google nexus player is a flattened rounded box which is designed to be used and not necessarily seen. It comes with a remote control that features a Bluetooth connection. All you need to do is connect the player to power and your TV.

The Remote Control

The most important part of the Google Nexus Player is the remote control. There is a back button, a five way directional pad, a play/pause button and a circle. This remote control looks a bit like the apple ultra-simple remote. It works with AAA batteries.
The most useful and most used button on the nexus player remote is the button at the top. That particular button is the one that is used to activate the android TVs voice search. The voice search is the best feature the android TV has to offer. All you need to do is just say whatever you want to watch. It does not necessarily have to be film titles or soap opera titles you can also ask to see movies by your favorite actor or actress. For instance, you can say “movies with Jennifer Lopez” or “Oscar-winning movies from 2000” or “comedies” etc. the voice search is definitely one of the Google Nexus Player’s best features.

The Home Screen

The home screen has four rows, each of which scrolls from left to right. At the top; a list of the history of movies you have watched, and below you find the list of apps that you have installed, then the games you have installed comes next, and finally there are two icons that are used for changing the settings.
Navigation can be slow in some spots mostly when there are too many photos or thumbnails loading. However, it is still a beautiful and intuitive apparatus which is as good as, and in some cases better than any smart TV or set -top box in the world.

Storage capacity of 8GB

The Nexus box has a storage capacity of 8gb, which should be ok if you are only watching movies as you will be streaming most of the times rather that downloading, but when there are already a number of games stored in it, it will feel too small.

USB port

It has a USB port at its back but the port is only a USB 2.0, and it hardly seems ideal to connect a hard drive to the nexus player.

It is a Chromecast

One of the best things about the Nexus player is that it is a Chromecast. That means the apps you have downloaded on your tablet or phone that allow you stream videos to your TV work on the Nexus Player as well. So even though the player does not have Rdio, Sportify and HBO, because android TV supports Google cast, you can keep using Rdio, spotify, and HBO and other apps that are compatible with chromecast with the nexus player.

Google Nexus Player 2016 Review Summary

With this Google Nexus Player Review, we have summarized the pros and cons of the product to you and we also recommend it for you if you enjoy streaming music and videos easily. Google Nexus Player is ideal for enjoying with your family and friends. You can as well enjoy the features of the player in the comfort of your room.

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