BenQ TH981 Projector Review

BenQ TH681 Projector Review – Should I buy it?

Projectors offer large images, are affordable and are easy to install. They are quite useful for many instances, especially when it comes to giving lectures and substituting them might be very difficult as they are very affordable and can be set up conveniently. Despite all these benefits that come with owning a projector, owning the wrong one would cause more harm than good. Apart from the fact that it would not be suitable for the projects that you want to use it for, it would constantly gulp up your money and time. Basically, it would be useless to you. This is the reason why you have to put in effort in getting the right projector for yourself. The first step in this regard is to compare the tasks you wish to use the projector for with the features that come with the projector.

BenQ TH981 Projector Review

BenQ TH681 is a projector manufactured by Benq. It is designed for games, movies and multimedia. The popularity around this device is astounding due to its brightness and performance. In this article, we analyze its features and see what makes the BenQ TH681 projector tick.


The BenQ TH681 is a powerful and affordable projector that comes with a 10,000:1 contrast and 3,000 lumen brightness. The lens shift function and the amount of connection has been taking out completely and reduced respectively in order to make the device more affordable.

3D Image

Although the TH681 does not include 3D glasses in its package, it does a first class job with 3D. Its 3D does not have an iota of cross talk so that you can enjoy ‘real life’ pictures from your projector. The 3D images have a lot of depth and have that real effect that makes you feel like you are watching a real-life event. However the movement of the images could have been made a lot smoother and more real with motion interpolation mode. Another downside is that you would have to purchase a 3D glasses separately to enjoy watching 3D on this projector.

3d projector image


The BenQ TH681 does not have a component connection and it also only has one HDMI 1.4 port, instead of the conventional two. It has two VGA ports, an S-Video port and a composite connection. The remote control has a lot of tiny buttons and a compact design which can make navigating through menus quite frustrating. It also does not have backlighting as well. However, the small size and the lightweight of the remote make it easier to handle and within sometime, you would get used to the smallness of its button.

BenQ TH681 Projector Remote Control


The power it uses is moderate even though it has high level of brightness. When the projector is up and running, the power consumed is 190 watts.


The BenQ TH681 surprisingly runs quieter than most high end projectors. Although, if the projector is close and you watching a quiet scene, you may still be able to hear the fan roll, but that would not happen often. When on the ECO mode, the noise measured was 35 db per meter.

2D Image

This projector has a throw distance of 2m from 2m from the projector screen. The dimension of the images it projects is impressive especially when you consider its price. At a distance of 3m from the screen, the projector throws an image that ranges from 2.05m to 2.69m. However, a major con is that there seem to be little attention paid to the image settings. There is no accurate rendered colors delivered by the preset picture modes and the colors are unsmooth.


· Bright Images
· Perfect 3D rendering
· Low input lag
· Reduced Noise
· Moderate Power consumption


· Colors are not rendered accurately
· Impractical Remote
· No lens shift


· Triple Flash Technology
· Blu-ray full HD Supported
· Eco friendly
· Smart Eco Mode
· 0.5w when on standby mode
· Auto Power off
· Easy maintenance

Final Verdict

The BenQ TH681 is a projector that is affordable and surprisingly renders full 3D images. For its price range, this is a huge deal and it is what stands it out from the rest. So if you are low on budget and you are looking for an inexpensive projector with high end features, except for the connection, look no farther as BenQ TH681 has got you covered.

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